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Feeling strangely fine

It really has been forever since I posted!  Sure kiss of death to blogging is to promise more blogs.  I've been lax in every arena of the internets, really.  Real life, you know - gets in the way.  I can't promise much of anything as far as being super-involved on LJ, but if you look me up on FB, I'll friend you there.

I did the Infinitus thing (loosely, as I was registered for the con but generally popped in and out to hang out rather than attend panels/events).  Spent a lovely five days with asplashofink; met up with the usual suspects for various good times.  Saw Harry Potter's world come to life - and I'm not even going to try to lie and say my throat didn't close up and tears didn't pop into my eyes when I saw Diagon Alley for the first time.  Hoo boy.

More recently, I have several pieces of good news to pass along!

1. I am getting out of my passionless marriage. You would think this would be a bit of terrible, sad news, but no - it is a good thing. Or it will be, in the final breakdown.

2. The first bit leaves me free to pursue a relationship with someone whose intentions are every bit what I want out of a partner. It feels strange and scary. But wonderful.

3. Getting my mojo back, slowly but surely. Running SUCKS when you don't get the runner's high!

4. Good thing about the mojo, as I signed up for the Spirit of Columbus Half-Marathon at the end of August. The time for longer runs is here.

5. Dumped my big, clunky running shoes and orthotics once I realized THEY were messing up my hips, ankles and feet. Might lose a few toenails, but losing the excruciating hip pain is a big plus.

6. Have been spending quality time socializing, with more eating - and lo, I have more energy.  I spent a month or so completely unable to muster the appetite for food.  Very bad if you're trying to build to 30 miles a week.  Also, finally stopped fighting the truth about how I have to eat. I have to eat more processed food (protein drinks, powdered vitamins) and less fiber if I want my body to perform optimally. It was hard to accept that HEALTHY food was creating so much stress on my system but I feel better, so.

7. Saw Devo in concert and they ROCKED! They are much more of a true rock band than anyone credits them. Mark Mothersbaugh still sounds like he did in 1980. Nerd heaven (literally hundreds of men walking around with clever t-shirts and horn-rimmed glasses. Yum.).

8. Going to see the Black Keys and We Are Scientists (twice!) next weekend. Going to Kennywood on Sunday.  Collapsing on Monday.

9. Still extremely limited on internet time (socializing, and uh, socializing ;-), and generally being out and about on two feet or two wheels) - what you all up to?

10. There is no 10.

Friday Five: Staples

Haven't done one of these in a long time!

     1.  Of all the hundreds of sizes and shapes bread seems to come in, what is your favorite?  
          I'm partial to thinly sliced rye/pumperknickel bread.  Or challah.

     2.  What’s your favorite thing to eat with rice?
           Raisins, cinnamon and a little anise - in rice pudding.  :-9

     3.  What are your feelings about milk?
           I can't drink it, so I don't really feel anything about it.

     4.  What was wrapped in the tortilla you most recently ate?
           Chicken, thai peanut sauce, rice and shredded carrots.

     5.  How many staplers are there in your house and where are they?
          Two; one near the computer and one in my desk in the bedroom.  One is a red (TOT) swingline stapler. :)

Too many things to write, nothing really worth noting, not enough time to create pithy, ironic treatises on Life.

The sun has finally made an appearance in central Ohio, and today, for the first time since January 1, I am going OUTSIDE to run! :D

I need to get on this, since I'm running a half marathon on May 1 and need a 6-week quick and dirty to get ready for it. Yes, I'm a sucker. I am also going to attempt a sprint triathlon at the end of June - 0.75 mile swim, 20K bike, 5K run. I know it's nothing fancy, but it's a start and I need to learn how to properly swim by then. D: (Did I mention that I need to be building mileage until May 1? Do I need a road bike? Can I learn to swim efficiently by June 27?)

Have been keeping up more of a journal on Sparkpeople, since I spend a lot of time logging my food, workouts, etc. there. And it's not blocked at work (or at least specifically banned per Ohio Administrative Code). Sigh. I miss ONTD and reading the flist more than once a week.

I've been typically busy/active, with the Big Ride, spending time with friends and family, and putting together information for a local radio show I've been contributing to. Generally hibernating though, it's been super-crappy here. (Seriously, I know what it's like to live in Cleveland now. NOT COOL.)

New Gorillaz album is so awesome. "Stylo" is my jam, I can't WAIT to rock this out during my run today. :D

What new and improved things are you all planning for spring?  Inquiring minds want to know...
OMG, I found my semagic on this PC! Now I can post to LJ once in a while, rather than once a freaking month/quarter/year. :P


Here, same old, same old. Have been posting more on Sparkpeople and hunkering down as one is wont to do when one lives in 1) a wintry climate with 2) people who also live in a wintry climate but 3) cannot for the life of themselves learn how to navigate said wintry climate. It's a travesty, I tell you. There is no dearth of parking lots, fields or winter to hinder the learning process, so idgi?

How to steer out of a skid
How to stop on an icy road
How to drive a car in winter weather

My January was pretty full up, what with the new year and generally wanting to be more social once the holidays were over.

I did the hiking thing.

I investigated Pride Council, but ultimately decided that I need to up my profile once again before I take on leadership training - CATF, here I come.

A co-worker hosts a radio program on Sunday evenings and I did my first radio call-in interview, talking about high-fructose corn syrup, food additives and what people can do to make healthier changes to their overall diet. The producer liked me so much that I've been invited to do an in-studio discussion on February 28. You can see the Facebook fan page here, and listen in at 7pm EST Sunday, 2/28 at the talktainment site. (They are live streaming at this point, no saved shows, sadly.) You can call in and ask me questions! :D

There were several birthday parties in there, and lots of drinking *memory fuzzy*.

Now...the bleak mid-winter. :-\

I went to the endocrinologist, who lurves me and my HbA1c of 5.7 (blood glucose average 110). But of course, as soon as I think I've got this whole eating-healthy-being-active thing down pat, life throws me a curveball. I'm totally loving the extra carbs and calories right now - I don't know why it never occurred to me that I was in starvation mode. Oh, wait - yes - it'd been so long since I'd eaten the appropriate amount of food that I'd forgotten what it was like to have energy and be warm. *shivers* *cranks up office heater*

Like almost everyone on earth, my serum vitamin D is low (23.8, should be near 50). Unlike almost everyone on earth, it would appear that I get more than enough D3 to synthesize enough to meet requirements (about 2000IU/day). Hopefully pairing the supplement with my Omega-3 capsules will help with absorption. It's disconcerting on the whole to consider the possibility that D3 is only bioavailable in its strictly natural form.

Uh...how YOU doin'?

I will try and get through the flist this weekend and actually, you know, be a friend. :( *irons fingers*

Have a great weekend, dig out and have some fun. :)

Make your life an adventure.

After a very successful trip to the Hocking Hills last fall, I made a mental note to attend the annual Winter Hike 2010, which is a 6-mile hike from Old Man's Cave to Ash Cave via Cedar Falls.  Beautiful scenery, lovely winter covering.

I was heartened by the cold weather and the snowfall last week, which would provide a good surface for hiking and taking pictures.  It's not so cold (or hot) once you're under the canopy.

Oh, famous last words.  It warmed up into the 40s this week, enough to create a muddy quagmire.  A long weekend + Boy Scouts + 10,000 people = OMGWTFISTHISDISNEYLAND.  Bill and I were in shock at how many people there were, packed in like sardines heading onto the trails.

It was a great experience, we took another route around to Cedar Falls and decided to walk back to the car when we got to Ash Cave.  Oh.

That 6-mile hike turned into a nearly 10-mile odyssey dodging traffic on steep grades, condescending park rangers (if I didn't know it was a felony to assault a state official, he'd have been TOAST) and backtracking nearly a mile to get where we shouldn't have started from in the first place. *fwump*

We did have a couple of heroes...two kids in a pickup truck offered to take us along the road to Cedar Falls, saving us 2 miles of twisting, heavily graded road.  Yay for good ole boys!  I haven't ridden in the back of a pickup for about 15 years, but it was heavenly.  We made them take our money (told them to buy dinner with it) and I have never been so happy to RUN in my life (the 1/4 mile from the turnoff to the car)!  Covered with mud from knees to toes, hands muddy, water bottle shot -

I'll be back, but only after I've forgotten what this trip was like....kind of like childbirth, idk?

Pictures!Collapse )

I did my donation for Haitian relief/rescue (Doctors Without Borders), but I refuse to watch the carnage on TV, my heart can't take it.  :-\

2009 In Review

I'm afraid to go to sleep tonight, and I can't in service to my body go to bed until I have another 200 calories under my belt (heh).  My calves are going to have their revenge and I'm afraid of what my peroneal tendons will do to my legs when I'm not on my guard.  Meeble.

Went redline this week and am overtrained.  Today I did two spinning classes, lifting and cardio step.  I know I'm outside the zone.  Tired but unable to sleep, zero appetite despite burning +++ calories (today = 1200+), irritable, losing ground rather than gaining ground...yep.  Feels like that.  My goal is to burn 3000 calories/week, eat 1900 cals/day and I'm already at 3000 and pushing to get the 1900 in.  Bad.

The holidays are quite stressful for me and I've actually lost weight at the end of the year the last two years, because if I'm not doing something pertaining to the holidays (i.e. running around like a crazy person looking for gifts, sitting around with the family), I'm in the gym working off anxiety.

Don't get me wrong, I still have cookies and holiday food, but I don't try not to go crazy.  Avoiding binge foods is my focus right now.  I don't necessarily eat a dozen donuts in a sitting, but if I have one...the next day I'll have one...then the next...then I'm skipping a meal to eat a donut...adding an hour to my workout to be able to eat another one...you get the picture.  So cake, donuts and peanut butter have been banned from the house and from cheat meals.

Sucks that it takes an hour of SUPER-intense cardio to burn off 600 calories, but you can put that in your mouth in less than ten minutes!  Unfair.

Yogurt + some powdered walnuts + string cheese = 167 calories and I can head up to await the inevitable charley horse's arrival.  Night all.


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